Behavior and Etiquette – Introduction

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Sensitivity to proper behaviors and etiquette will not only help Americans be more effective in their missions in Afghanistan; it will also lead to an understanding of why Afghans act the way they do.   This lesson will introduce you to proper ways of meeting, greeting and interacting with the people of Afghanistan.  You will learn how Afghans conduct business and other official meetings, and discover how their sense of time appears more flexible than Westerners'.   

Hospitality is an essential aspect of the Afghan culture.  You will learn proper etiquette associated with social engagements, visiting and dining with Afghans.  Appropriate topics of conversation will be covered, as well as topics that should be avoided.  The lesson concludes with other situational etiquette and physical gestures to help you avoid social blunders and gain a better understanding of how to appropriately interact with the people of Afghanistan.

Terminal Learning Objective:

Distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors and etiquette to use in the presence of Afghans.

Enabling Learning Objectives:

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