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It is important to bear in mind that this training is a general introduction only. OCATs are not in any way definitive. We do not intend to stereotype, pigeon-hole, or try to quantify any culture or people.

Each society, country or culture will have numerous nuances that make it irresponsible to suggest a uniform approach to understanding that country's culture or etiquette. One also has to take into account the personal cultures of individuals, whether they be religious, regional, gender, military, corporate or otherwise. However, loose guidelines can assist in increasing understanding and avoiding offense. OCATs are provided for that purpose.

This training is an introduction to cultural norms and is NOT intended to countermand or supersede current rules of engagement (RoE). RoE are subject to continuous review and modification in response to strategic objectives and the dynamic tactical environment. Where ambiguity or inconsistency exists regarding what you, as an American service member, should do in a specific situation, consult your chain of command.

The photos and text reproduced herein have been extracted solely for research, comment, and information reporting. They are intended for fair use by designated personnel in their official duties, including local reproduction for training. Further dissemination of copyrighted material contained in this document, to include excerpts and graphics, is strictly prohibited under Title 17, U.S. Code.

The third-party videos used in this OCAT are included to provide supplementary information. They do not necessarily express the views or opinions of the United States government or the Department of the Navy.

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