Society and Norms: Crime - Drug Production and Trafficking

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Crime throughout Pakistan is a common occurrence and includes carjacking, armed robberies, home invasions, and theft of personal property. Americans in Pakistan are strongly advised to avoid travelling by taxi and other forms of public transportation. It is recommended that your host institution or family meet you at the airport.

Drug Production and Trafficking
Following the influx of Afghan refugees displaced by the Soviet invasion during the 1980s, Pakistan became a major heroin exporter. By 2000, the Pakistani government had reduced opium production to near zero. Unfortunately in 2001, the Taliban prohibited poppy cultivation in neighboring Afghanistan and the rise of opium prices restarted Pakistani cultivation. The government does conduct limited anti-poppy campaigns of forced eradication, fines, and arrests [36]. Though drug production has serious negative effects, many of the farmers who cultivate them are rural and poor with no other means of earning a wage.

Pakistan has also become a primary way station for drugs leaving Afghanistan bound for Iran, Gulf States, Africa, Asia, and Western countries. This drug trafficking is a principle source of funding for the Taliban and other militant groups.

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