Peoples and Ethnic Groups: Tribal Society - Dress

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Among Pakistan’s Baluch and Pashtun, men wear traditional Pakistani clothes with a turban and usually carry a rifle on the shoulder. Women wear colorful prints and practice purdah from outsiders. Purdah is the practice of veiling or concealing women by wearing clothes that cover the entire body and by segregating women from men in daily living. Women may not have to veil in front of males who are relatives and those they’ve seen their whole lives [13]. Women are also fond of adorning themselves with all types of jewelry made of gold and silver. Jewelry is seen as a type of insurance which women can control and sell in case of an emergency or widowhood.

Although Purdah is a common practice among the Baluch and Pashtun people, the other populations in Pakistan generally do not practice it. However, in all populations there is some degree of separation between women’s and men’s worlds.

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