Behavior and Etiquette: Interpersonal Interactions - Eye Contact

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Though it is common for Pakistanis to stare, they will generally avoid eye contact during conversations. Between men, eye contact is acceptable as long as it is not prolonged. It is best to only occasionally look someone in the eyes so as to not appear to be challenging someone. An indirect, non-confrontational approach is always best. Since the elderly are afforded great respect, it is especially important to avoid eye contact with them. As a matter of family honor, males are highly protective of female family members so it is important not to stare at women. When women are stared at they typically feel uncomfortable and ashamed; direct eye contact and photography should be avoided. Muslim women gaze downward during introductions and conversations with men. Do not ask questions about female family members and do not show individual pictures of your female family members. It is best just to show pictures of male family members and talk about fathers, brothers, and sons. If you do show a family picture make sure the women are showing no skin from the neck down.



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