Behavior and Etiquette: Introductions, Meeting and Greeting - part 2

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When first meeting someone, or if the person is an acquaintance, the standard greeting is a hand shake; then hold your right hand over your heart after shaking as a sign of respect. Always use your right hand for shaking as using your left hand would be seen as extremely rude. The left hand is used only for hygiene after the use of the toilet. Once a relationship is developed between males, they may shake hands as well as hug, while women may hug and give a kiss on both cheeks [4]

Greetings tend to be lengthy as Pakistanis will always ask polite formal questions about one's family, health, and business success before talking about other subjects. One should not become frustrated by what seems like a purely social conversation as Pakistanis prefer to work with people they know and will want to get to know you. They are also very hospitable and enjoy foreign guests. As a way to get to know you, Pakistanis may ask very personal questions. Try not to get embarrassed and do your best to answer them. Generally, Pakistanis do not use first names unless they are close friends, so ask a person how they wish to be addressed when first meeting. Once you are told how to address someone do not shorten the name as Pakistanis commonly use several names that denote the person's tribal affiliation, class, or status [5].

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