Behavior and Etiquette: Introduction

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Learning proper behavior and etiquette will lead to an understanding of why Pakistanis act in certain ways and will help Americans be more effective in their missions in Pakistan. In this lesson you will learn the proper way to meet, greet, and interact with the people of Pakistan. The intricacies of conducting business and other official meetings will be covered, while discovering how Pakistani concept of time is more flexible than in the West.

Hospitality is an essential aspect of Pakistani culture, and you will learn the proper social, visiting, and dining etiquette for Pakistan. Personal space and conversational etiquette will be covered, along with appropriate and inappropriate topics of conversation. The lesson concludes with other situational etiquette and physical gestures that will help you avoid social blunders and interact appropriately with the people of Pakistan.

Terminal Learning Objective:
Distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors and etiquette to use in the presence of Pakistanis.

Enabling Learning Objectives:

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