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Emergency Preparedness: Course Instruction Strategies

Life RingBelow is the plan for faculty and students to continue course instruction pending the need for campus closure due to a safety or health related risk. This plan is for a temporary shutdown of campus-based operations and fully-campus based courses for a 2-3 week period. Here are the parameters:

  • If an instructor is already teaching the course online, then he or she would continue offering the course fully online.
  • If the instructor is offering a "tech enhanced" or blended course, then the instructor should place additional course material in the eLearning (D2L) course for temporary fully online operations.

How to Keep Your Class on Track During an Emergency Closure - Go Virtual!

Faculty can move their face-to-face interactions and assignments online by using the following tools that are available through MyUWF:

  • Utilize your eLearning course shell:
  • A course shell has been created for every course and will be automatically activated and populated with students in such an emergency.
    • AskATC ( is an online knowledge base on eLearning (D2L). It contains a wealth of information including:
      • Step-by-step instructions on each tool
      • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
      • Instructions for other helpful resources (like Narrating PowerPoint, Elluminate, and Respondus)
        • NOTE: If you do not plan on using eLearning, you should put a file or news message in the course to tell students what your plans are and how to contact you.
  • GroupMail:
    • Provide updates on assignment deadlines, course information, etc.
    • Send and receive student assignments via GroupMail attachments.
    • Conduct class discussions (be sure to remind students to "Reply to All" for discussion emails)
    • Review GroupMail basic facts (PDF) or instructions (PDF) (Captivate video - no narration)
    • Read initial class email tips and student reminders (Word doc...)

  • Elluminate Live!:
    • Deliver lectures or hold discussions live (synchronously) with your students or archive for later viewing/review.
      • NOTE: If you choose this option, please hold the session(s) during your normal class time block to avoid scheduling conflicts with other classes.

    • Follow these instructions for creating a "basic" Elluminate session with your students:
      • Orient yourself to Elluminate Live! with this excellent tutorial created by ITS.
      • Here is additional information on Elluminate from AskATC

  • Additional UWF Online Student Resources:

Instructors should contact ATC staff if they need additional guidance in meeting their instructional needs.

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