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The AskATC knowledge base has been created to answer your questions about designing, developing, implementing, and teaching online courses.

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The importance for logical, and consistent navigation and course structure cannot be overstated. Quality Matters (QM) considers navigation as an Essential Standard that MUST be met to receive QM recognition.

Students of all abilities benefit from consistent navigation and course structure. They can focus on course content and not have to waste time learning or re-learning where find materials or assignments.

Much of our eLearning navigation is already structured. The new navigation bars are ordered alphabetically (except for Course Home) to help screen readers easily locate the links. However, course modules and topics are left to the instructor's discretion.

At a minimum, ATC recommends that course elements include:

  • Start (or Begin) Here
  • Syllabus
  • Assignments
  • Units/Lessons/Modules
    • Introduction
    • Content*
    • Assignments*
    • Summary

* Introduction and Content can be combined if not overly long. However, we recommend that Assignments be a separate topic to allow students to more easily find or bookmark the topic. This is especially important for students using screen readers.

The ATC Course Design Template was designed to meet these QM standards and to facilitate ease of course creation for faculty. If you would like more information on the template, please contact Cindy Mersereau ( / 474-3291) or Karen Barth ( / 473-7291).

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