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The AskATC knowledge base has been created to answer your questions about designing, developing, implementing, and teaching online courses.

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Links and Screen Readers

Screen readers, such as JAWS, HOME Page Reader, Window Eyes, etc, will announce a link to the user before identifying the link. JAWS and Window Eyes will say "link: Module 1 Assignments". IBM Home page uses different voices, a male voice reads the content and a female voice reads links.

  1. Screen readers inform users when text or a graphic is a link.
    1. Do use text that makes sense, e.g., go to the Library of Congress ...,
    2. Don't use the word link for the link, e.g., link to the Library of Congress.
  2. Screen readers allow users to navigate from link to link, without reading the surrounding text.
    1. Words like "Link", "Click Here", "More" do not make sense out of context.
    2. At the same time, your link should not be a complete sentence.
      1. Do: AskATC is our online, searchable database for just-in-time help with eLearning
      2. Don't: AskATC is our online, searchable database for just-in-time help with eLearning.
  3. Screen readers can present an alphabetically ordered list of page links to the user.
    1. Keep link phrases intuitive and familiar, this is not an area for creativity.
      1. Do: Use the familiar "Contact Us"
      2. Don't: "How to Contact Us" or "Connect with the Crew" will get lost in the shuffle.

Indicating Links

HTML standards indicate hyper-links by underlining the text, and sometimes by adding additional color (usually blue). At a minimum your links should be underlined. DO NOT underline text that is not a hyper-link.

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