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Accessibility describes the degree to which a person can access products, services, devices or environments. Accessibility is not only morally and ethically right, it is also a Federal mandate. For our purposes, accessibility will focus on the ease by which all students, regardless of ability, can access course materials and the steps that can be taken to make this happen.

Course Content Tips

Below is a short list of best practices that you can implement in your course to remove potential barriers for students with disabilities. The links on the left menu lead to pages with more detailed information on the topics listed below. To the right you will find links to web resources for more information and tutorials.

  1. Provide Alternative Text descriptions (ALT Text) for images.

  2. Use descriptive text for links that will make sense out of context.

  3. Use proper structure when creating your documents.

  4. Limit the use of color text.

  5. Do not use ALL CAPS, or underlined text.

  6. Provide logical, consistent navigation and course structure.

  7. Provide closed captions and / or transcripts.
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