Research Assistance

Interested in joining our team?

Are you a student interested in assisting in research? 

You can gain individual experience working one-on-one with faculty and graduate students carrying out psychological and gerontological research, and earn credit toward your degree.

What responsibilities will I have?

Students participate in research assisting in phases such as data entry, data cleaning and entering, recruiting participants, interviewing, and content-analysis. You must be willing to commit to work in the lab for at least two semesters.

Lab members also attend weekly lab meetings in a collaborative environment that promotes student learning and exploration while fostering professional development by rotating presentations on novel research ideas, current projects progress, recent relevant publications, and ethical considerations.

Do I need previous research experience?

We welcome students who already have research experience, but no experience is necessary.

What courses are offered to receive research credit?

PSY 3905  Directed Study 1-3 credits

PSY 4905  Directed Study 1-3 credits

DEP 3905   Directed Study 1-3 credits

DEP 4905   Directed Study 1-3 credits

PSY 6917  Supervised Research 1-3 credits (may be repeated for up to 12 credits)

How many credits can I take?

Each credit hour requires 3 hours of lab work, with 1-3 credits per semester (i.e., 3-9 hours of lab work).

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in working in the lab, please first contact Dr. Ashley Stripling to introduce yourself and find out if positions are currently available. You can also fill out the application form and submit it to Dr. Stripling by e-mail.

Click on the following link for the application:

Research Assistant Application.doc