Argo Journals FAQs

Argo Journals FAQs

Who can submit?

We accept manuscripts authored by undergraduate and graduate students. When appropriate, professors may be listed as co-authors. This will depend on the requirements set by the department or sponsoring division.

Although work submitted by students attending the University of West Florida will be given preference, we encourage all interested undergraduate students to contribute.

What types of manuscripts are accepted?

Manuscripts can be similar to ones found in traditional print journals or in other non-traditional formats such as digital or audio files, graphics or posters. Individual requirements are set by the publishing departments.

How do I prepare my document?

Manuscripts must be prepared according to the specific instructions of the publishing department/ collections.

What if I can't find my department listed?

Your department may not be currently participating in the Argo Journals. Talk to your faculty advisor or department chair.

Who can I send questions to?

The contact info for each editor of is listed on the collection's main page.