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Scholars of Engineering, Applied Sciences & Technology Annual Research Symposium

The premise of the SEASTARS symposium is that both students and faculty benefit through shared, research-active roles. It is the intent of this symposium that all members of the community - faculty, students, research associates, and administrators - feel encouraged to present and celebrate their ongoing project, whether grant supported, the product of independent research, a directed/independent study, or an assigned project contained within a formal course. This is particularly true in the case of undergraduates. The published entries of this journal represent the best of SEASTARS submissions. They represent significant investments of time, resources and effort on the part of the students and their mentors. Such projects ask equally novel questions as do their peer-reviewed counter-parts and require similar application of intellectual methods of discovery and exploration. The same can be said for many faculty activities that deserve to be shared within the greater learning community prior to, perhaps, their ultimate dissemination via more traditional means. The goal of SEASTARS is to bring out the shared learner in all of us. For more information visit the SEASTARS website.

Published Volumes for SEASTARS

Volume 2007

Volume 2009

Volume 2010