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A method for enhanced isolation of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells

Authors: JinSeup Lim , Angelina Sansone , Yi-Chun Huang , Venkat Sharma

Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC) comprise the basis of a number of studies done in our laboratory. PBMC are typically isolated from whole blood by centrifugation and phase separators. These methods limit the yield of PBMC. New research suggests the use of filters that are employed in blood bank prior to transfusion to increase number of PBMC isolated. These filters have shown to isolate over 99% of the PBMC. The PBMC isolated will provide us with a pure sample for further isolation of a specific type of B-cells, called CD-19 Cells. These CD-19 cells are the leading source of cells in our studies to understand AIDS-associated B-Cell malignances. Furthermore, these purified CD-19 B-Cells help to investigate the role of retro-viral proteins in modulating several B-Cell cytokine genes. Modulations in B-Cell cytokine genes partially explain the molecular mechanism of cytokine involvement in AIDS related B-Cell lymphomas. Understanding the mechanism(s) of cytokine regulation will pave way for novel drug development against AIDS-associated B-cell lymphomas.

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