Argo Journals Article

Volume 2009

Published on:
May 19, 2009


Serious Gaming For Girls

Author(s): Jessie Brown , Adrienne Wallace , Tessa Love , Dr. Lakshmi Prayaga

Serious games are a combination of entertainment games and educational content. Serious games are generally games used for training, advertising, simulation, or education. In addition to the practical usage of the game, serious games need to adhere to the same marketability standard as general entertainment games; meaning they must have elements of entertainment such as competitiveness, visual appeal, and distinct to the target audience. The foremost goal of the MRO-W research is to encourage females to pursue research projects, which are interdisciplinary by nature with an applied computer science component. This project will provide a realistic research experience for the female undergraduates by active involvement in research, planning, and design of the game for economic education. Students will be able to refine their programming skills, apply them to educational research, and work closely with female students, facilitating a mentor/apprentice relationship. The desired outcome of a relationship such as the mentor/apprentice (female/female) is to further increase interest levels in future female university students. Mall Crawl is a simulation game developed for the purpose of encouraging female high school students participate in educational gaming. While Mall Crawl is intended for educational purposes, the elements used will be widely similar to entertainment games.

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