Argo Journals Article

Volume 2009

Published on:
May 19, 2009


Development of a High-resolution AC Susceptometer for Materials Research and Science Education

Author(s): Ross Dickinson , Jeremy Munn , Charles Amos , Dr. Chandra Prayaga , Dr. Laszlo Ujj , Dr. Guoqing Wu

AC magnetic susceptibility measurements, in which an AC magnetic field is applied to a sample and the resulting current/emf induced from the magnetization of electron moments in the sample is measured, are an important probe for characterizing many materials. In this effort, an innovative high-resolution AC susceptometer coil system (called AC susceptometer) is constructed, which provides us a capability to conduct state-of-the art experiments in AC magnetometry for important physics such as colossal magnetoresistance, superconductivity, charge/spin density wave and phase transitions occurring in the materials, and satisfy the needs of studentsā€˜ education in experimental science research. The design is adjustable so that it can match the size of a large or tiny specimen. Tests on this prototype system, using small samples have shown the capability to detect and measure signals on the order of nano-Volts. It adds a new experimental device and creates a novel vigorous area in research and science education at UWF. Future systems will have a built-in temperature controller, an integrated lock-in amplifier and an automated data acquisition capability. This creative activity is expected to lead to a US patent. No such device is commercially available currently in the US.

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