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Volume 2010

Published on:
Sep 27, 2010

Undergraduate Research in Psychology and Behavioral Science

Hurricane Trauma: The Effects of Prenatal Stress on Child Development

Author(s): Leigh Harvey , Allysia Ramirez

As a natural disaster, hurricanes have a profound impact on the prenatal development of unborn children and their mothers because of the elevated stress levels that parallel the event. Factors such as shelter conditions, disruptions in supplies of clean water, food, and comfortable living conditions all contribute to stressors that lead to birth complications and physical and cognitive disadvantages to the infant at the time of birth (Callaghan et al., 2007). Infants whose mothers were exposed to hurricane trauma are susceptible to preterm delivery as well as lower birth weight according to a study conducted in Louisiana which implies the high vulnerability of pregnant women who were displaced during Hurricane Katrina (Antipova, 2007). Image courtesy of

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