Unit 7
the turnbull plantation -
a british settlement in florida

Students learn about Florida’s British period, its indigo plantations,
and its coquina archaeology.

academic outcomes/lesson objectives:

Students read selections introducing them to the ways that Dr. Turnbull’s indigo colony utilized coquina structures, introduced Minorcans to Florida, and founded the city of New Smyrna.


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Kelley Weitzel, http://www.KelleyWeitzel.com

Student Articles & Activities:

1. Who came to Florida with Dr. Turnbull?
2. The New Smyrna Settlement – Troubles from the Start
3. The New Smyrna Settlement – Problems to the End
4. Why was indigo an important crop?
5. Is there really a Fort in Old Fort Park?
6. Who else built on this coquina foundation?
7. What other coquina structures did Turnbull build?
8. ACTIVITY: Using Archaeology & History to Date the “Settlers’ House” Site


Artifact, Canal, Colony, Colonist, Coquina, Descendents, Drought, Dye, Excavate, Fort,
Foundation, Indentured Servant, Indigo, Irrigate, Malaria, Minorca, Settlers, Structure, Synthetic,
Thatch, Wharf



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