Unit 1
Ingredients of a florida fort: part 1 - coquina stone

Students learn how coquina stone is formed and how it changed Florida history.

academic outcomes/lesson objectives:

Students read selections introducing them to the science of coquina formation and the ways this stone has influenced history in Florida.


Florida Public Archaeology Network. 28 February 2008 <http://www.flpublicarchaeology.org>.
“Quarry Historical Site.” Florida State Parks. 28 February 2008

“Castillo de San Marcos.” National Park Service. 28 February 2008


Kelley Weitzel, http://www.KelleyWeitzel.com

Student Articles & Activities:

1. What is coquina?
2. EXPERIMENT 1: What is the paste inside coquina?
3. What’s a fort really for?
4. EXPERIMENT 2: How do coquina forts stand up to cannon fire?
5. How is coquina being used today?


Absorb, Acidic, Calcium, Cement, Coast, Coquina Stone, Coquina Shell, Defenses, Dissolve,
Impact, Particles, Process, Sea Level, Structures, Support


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