Coquina Queries

The goal of the Florida Public Archaeology Network is to raise awareness of the rich archaeological heritage of Florida through public outreach.  The Coquina Queries project, funded in part by a Florida Department of State grant-in-aid, provides an education program based on regional coquina ruin sites and focuses on the unique role of this material in Florida history. 

Author Kelley Weitzel’s lessons highlight most of northeast Florida ’s significant site, including the Castillo de San Marcos , Fort Matanzas , Mala Compra (Joseph Hernandez’s plantation), sugar mills of Flagler and Volusia counties, the Ximenez-Fatio House, and the Huguenot Cemetery . 

Lesson plans for 4th and 5th grades meet Sunshine State Standards and will be updated as appropriate when standards change.  Kits for hands-on experimentation compliment the lessons found in the activity guide and were created and fabricated in consultation with Mala Compra conservator Shelley Sass . 

The Coquina Queries website supports the teacher guide and hands-on kit by providing supplementary information, map to sites in the region, and a platform for feedback on the overall program.  For copies of the lesson plans or to check out a kit, contact us at 904-819-6476 or send us an email (semiller@flagler.edu).


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