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Fall 2004 Rush

Sept. 5, 2004

Thats right it is Fall Rush time again. And our schedule is here

  • TUESDAY Sept. 7, 2004: Meet the AMΩs in the Argo's Grill. Come learn about us, our fraternity,and get a glimpse of brotherhood

  • WEDNESDAY Sept. 8, 2004: Sports night. We will meet in the Argo's Grill at 8:30pm and will then go play some basketball, football, or whatever else.

  • THURSDAY Sept. 9, 2004: Bowling! We will be meeting up in the Argo's Grill at 8:30pm to car pool. Bowling will either be at Cordova Lanes or the Oops Alley. Meet us for details

  • FRIDAY Sept. 10, 2004: To Be Announced. We will keep you posted as to Friday's event. =)
Hope to see you this week and if you and/or someone you know are looking for something to do this is a great chance to hang out, seee some things to do in this town, and meet some quality people! =)