University of West Florida
11000 University Parkway
Building 4, Room 232
Pensacola, FL 32514

amishra at uwf dot edu

Selected graduate level projects supervised

Face Recognition using Eigen face method, 2007

  • Uses image-vector based approach, in which there is statistics-based dimensionality reduction by using Eigen weight method
  • The method also uses the extraction of some local features to determine tilt and rotation

Health Monitoring System, 2007

  • Microcontroller-based, low cost monitoring system for human body parameters

Selected undergraduate level projects supervised

Design of Data Acquisition System for temperature measurement using NI-ELVIS 3.0, 2008

  • Temperature values being read from RTD and Thermistor sensors
  • A LabVIEW VI working with NI-ELVIS reads, conditions, stores and displays temperature values

PC Controlled Obstacle detection and collision avoidance in a robotic rover, 2007

  • Robo-rover using IR sensor TSOP-1738 for obstacle sensing
  • Rover control program in C-language (stepper motor control through parallel port)

Multilevel Encryption-Decryption for Windows CE using Random Number Generator, 2006

  • Design of encryption algorithms involving 10-bit key patterns for use in cascade with pre-existing algorithms like DES for enhanced, multi-level security
  • Implementation over a simple user interface for small footprint Windows CE devices

Anti-Theft Messenger, 2006

  • Auto messaging in the event of theft or fire
  • Fully reconfigurable microcontroller based embedded system with battery support

Virtual 3-D tour engine, 2005

  • One could walk around the Institute buildings and inside them, using mouse and keyboard, like in computer game programs, after a detailed modeling of the structures (buildings) involved
  • The application used Direct3D, DirectInput and other components or DirectX to simulate the real world

PC-based wireless appliance control system, 2005

  • Parallel port for control of devices through wireless transmitter and receiver
  • C++ program for control with multiple possible user accounts

Automatic Speaker Recognition System using pitch and formant analysis , 2004

  • Edited and filtered test speech was compared for pitch and formant with saved references in a database
  • Nearest match in the database reported from the speech files sorted on the basis of near pitch matches, followed by a formant match of top ‘n’ files in the sort

Control of Home Appliances through Telephone line using PLC, 2004

  • DTMF 8-channel switching via power line and Tele-remote control via telephone lines
  • 4-bit DTMF data sent through power main line for appliance ON/OFF control using 8 relays

Microcontroller based access control system, 2004

  • PIC 16F84 microcontroller based lock-unlock system operated by access codes
  • Programmed in microchip assembly language; secure password reset