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Industrial Projects

Plate Mill, Rourkela Steel Plant, Rourkela, India, 2005

  • Successfully implemented LIVE - Logically Interactive Virtual Eyes - An optical solution development project for dividing shear problem in Plate Mill, RSP, Rourkela, India
  • The project involved image sensing of long plates using multiple cameras, compositing the images in a non-conventional display resolution and projecting them into conventional PAL-TV monitor in the control pulpit for Operator assistance

Blast Furnace 7, Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai, India, 2001

  • Developed the algorithm, coded and implemented a network inter-process communication mailbox in UNIX for the supervisory computer system
  • The mailbox was responsible for communicating sensor data from programmable logic controllers using TCP/IP, via a Terminal Server, through a UNIX server, to a Windows computer

Satpura Power, Jabalpur, India, 1999

  • Consultancy provided on behalf of M/s Cosmo Products for Satpura Power Generation Mini-unit of 500 kW capacity
  • Designed, implemented and commissioned the automatic charging system for the Biomass Gasifier used in the generation of electrical power using firewood
  • Responsible for making detailed electrical drawings, equipment planning and procurement, overseeing of installation, testing and commissioning

Stove Automation Model, Blast Furnace 5, Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai, India, 1997

  • Designed the logic, programmed and implemented the automatic model for online control of Blast Furnace Cowper Stoves on Q-Basic language
  • Project on Supervisory Computer Control for Operator assistance to manage heat-blast-isolate cycles in Cowper Stoves
  • The project won a prestigious, national level award in the following year

RAFT Control in Blast Furnaces 1-7, Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai, India, 1996

  • Enhancement performed on all the furnaces for improvement of product quality
  • Designed the logic, programmed and implemented the Raceway Flame Temperature Control Loops (assembly level and machine programming) for Blast Furnaces on Toshiba controllers

Blast Furnaces and Sinter Plant Capital Repairs, Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai, India, 1994-97

  • Responsible for six capital repairs involving shutdowns ranging from 3-6 months
  • Responsible for instrumentation and automation equipment maintenance for a safe shutdown of the live furnace
  • Responsible for instrumentation equipment decommissioning and electrical wiring teardown
  • Responsible for fresh calibrations and testing of instrumentation equipment, their installation and fresh wiring
  • Responsible for planning and coordination among various electrical engineering and instrumentation agencies involved

Power and Blowing Station, Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai, India, 1993

  • This was a job carried out in Boiler 6 at PBS during its initial commissioning as a green field project
  • Designed the logic, programmed and implemented the boiler drum level control loop program for the DCS automation system of a Power Station Boiler using Taylor Control Language