Lauren Morrison

Student Ambassador |

Lauren Morrison
Major: General Business
Minors: Management, Finance & Marketing
Hometown: Orange Park, Florida
Class Standing: Sophomore

Why did you choose to attend UWF?
After I started attending here, I quickly discovered UWF was my home and that there absolutely is no other school out there for me.

What do you like best about UWF?
The best part about UWF is the atmosphere.  You simply cannot walk around campus and not see a smiling face or true generosity from the students, to the faculty, to the staff.  It is one of the best feelings in the world to be surrounded by positivity and such caring people.

What do you do in your spare time?
In my spare time I am a University Student Ambassador, a Resident Assistant, involved with the Student Alumni Association, the Gay-Straight Alliance, the African-American Student Association and the handball club.  I stay pretty busy, but always find time for friends, the library, a good book or movie and anything else that happens.

What is one piece of advice you would give a prospective student interested in UWF?
I would tell a prospective student interested in UWF to take a tour to experience a taste of what the campus is like and to just ask twice as many questions as they think they should because it is their future and they need to know every aspect of the future can hold for them. I would have them ask either myself or other students about their experience here at UWF because everyone goes through something different.  Hearing other perspectives would either concrete their decision or change their minds as to what is best for them.

What do you hope to do after you graduate?
After I graduate, I hope to find a job where I can fund my life dream of owning and operating my own cafe.  I would love to have it be successful, but who knows...I could find a job and have it turn into my career, loving what I do.  Dreams and goals change and my future is looking bright.

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?
The first place that always comes to mind when asked this question is the Czech Republic.  I would choose there over anywhere else because I think it would be wonderful to get back to my roots and trace my family back to the old country.  I would love to have the opportunity to even get a taste of the culture and customs to see first-hand my heritage and build that connection to the last of my relatives who came from there during World War II.  After living there, who knows where the winds or tides will take me.