About AITP

What is it?

The Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) is a nationally recognized professional organization. We are one of more than 250 student chapters and 125 professional chapters that are part of the National AITP Organization, with a total of  more than 7000 members.

AITP is our Computer Science Department Professional Organization. We sponsor a wide range of activities that would be of interest to anyone interested in information technology.

Why Should I join?

    Our local chapter sponsors many events in the course of the academic year:

·        Speaker meetings – we bring in speakers from the IT community to talk on topics of interest.

·        Field Trips – we visit IT installations in the community

·        Intramural Programming Competition – we hold these as a prelude to the Regional and National Competitions.

·        National Programming Competitions – the national organization’s yearly student conference and competition

We sponsor the AITP Scholarship, awarded to an individual on the basis of excellent scholarship and a high degree of participation in the AITP chapter.

How can I join?

     Access this website to join AITP

How much does it cost?

    Cost is $35.00 for an entire calendar year if you apply online ($30 national, $5 UWF please pay separately).