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Forms Index

Consultant and Contractor Documents


AEP - Planning Documents

AEP1 Construction Project Request Form
AEP2 Request for Funds
AEP3 Project Review
AEP4 Proof of Site Visit
AEP5 Sign In Sheet
AEP6 Educational & General Capital Request Form Fiscal Year
AEP7 Contract Information Sheet
AEP9 Space Programming Form
AEP9A Space Request Form
AEP10 Scope Statement
AEP11 Estimating Recap
AEP12 Project Checklist

AEH - In-House Documents

AEH1 Project Route Sheet
AEH2 Phone Log
AEH3 Punchlist Inspection Sheet
AEH4 Transmittal Letter
AEH5 Daily Field Observation Report
AEH6 Submittal Log
AEH7 Contractor Performance Evaluation
AEH8 Consultant Performance Evaluation
AEH9 Bib Award Recommendation
AEH10 Contractor Evaluation
AEH11 Fire Marshal Plan Review

AECT - Consultant Documents

AECT1 Substitution Request Bidding Phase
AECT2 Consultant Pay Request
AECT3 Additional Services Authorization
AECT4 Scope of Service Letter Exhibit 5

AECR - Contractor Documents

AECR2 Subcontractors and Major Material Suppliers List
AECR3 Application and Certification For Payment
AECR3A Schedule of Values
AECR4 Construction Contract Change Order Request
AECR5 Certificate of Substantial Completion
AECR6 Certificate of Contract Completion
AECR7 State Fire Marshal Request For Building Site Inspection
AECR8 Partial Lien Waiver
AECR9 Final Lien Waiver
AECR10 Certified Minority Business Data Form
AECR11 Request For Information
AECR12 Construction Management Contingency Change Request

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