Sand sculpture at the beach spelling out Argos with the Argonaut helmet next to it


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Numbers and Stats (as of 9/1/2016)

  • 78,980 - UWF Alumni
  • 13,030 - Total students enrolled at UWF for the 2016-2017 academic year.
  • 10,200 - Total undergraduate students enrolled at UWF for the 2015-2016 academic year.
  • 1,342 - Students in the fall 2016 Freshman class. Below are the class's average high school GPA and ACT/SAT test scores. 
    • 3.61 - Average high school GPA.
    • 24 - Average composite ACT score.
    • 1550 - Average composite SAT score (3 score).
  • 003955 - UWF's Financial Aid (FAFSA) Code. 
  • 0771 - UWF's ACT code. Be sure to send all ACT scores.
  • 5833 - UWF's SAT code. Be sure to send all SAT scores.
  • 1,605 - Number of on-campus beds in the UWF Residence Halls. Learn more about Housing and Residence Life.
  • 1,600 - Acres. UWF's campus totals 1,600 acres, including a 146 acre Baars-Firestone Wildlife Sanctuary and more than 25 miles of running/hiking/biking trails.
  • 1559 - The year Spanish explorers and colonists founded Pensacola, making it the oldest European settlement in the continental U.S. They arrived August 15, 1559, only to have their settlement destroyed in a hurricane about a month later.
  • 150 - Over 150 student organizations and clubs on campus; go on and get involved. We have something for you.
  • 87 - Percentage of classrooms that hold less than 60 students; 8% hold between 60 & 99 students; 3% hold between 100 & 169 students.
  • 84 - Division II Conference Championships. Go Argos!
  • 75 - Percentage of students who receive financial aid, $99 million awarded!
  • 38 - Number of students in UWF's first-ever graduating class (1968).
  • 34 - Average class size for freshman.
  • 23 - Average class size for upper-level students at UWF.
  • 15 - Number of Division II athletic sports at UWF, competing in the Gulf South Conference. Learn more about Collegiate Athletics.
  • 8 - Division II Athletic national championships! Go Argos!
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Argonaut (ARGO)

Inspired by Greek mythology, the legendary Jason and the Argonauts embarked on a long, perilous voyage to capture and bring home a golden fleece.  This voyage symbolizes the journey of excellence embarked upon by each and every one of our students:  to capture and bring home their college education.

Argo Arrival

This annual tradition serves as the official kickoff of the academic school year at UWF.  It fosters school spirit for both new and returning students with week-long events, activities, fun, and food!  Learn more here.


Scheduled a week before school starts, this additional / optional portion of UWF orientation gives incoming students a chance to create new friendships, learn about our community, and have fun before the school year begins.  Learn more here.


In true Argo spirit and tradition, bring a T-shirt from another university and swap it for a free, special edition UWF T-shirt.  This is our one-stop event for learning how to get involved on campus; over 150 student organizations are waiting for you, so come and check out the Student Org Demo Stage; enjoy games and activities in the Health, Leisure, and Sports Facility; and more!  Learn more here.


The heartbeat of Argo life on campus, this portal will help you join student organizations and stay connected with the UWF community.  Sign in with your ArgoNet ID here.


The most beautiful beaches in the world!  White sand and emerald green waters.  It's a place to play.  It's a place to work.  It's a place to visit.  Simply put, it's the perfect place for UWF students.  It's a must-see.  Really.  Check out Pensacola!


Bldgs = Numbers & Students = Names

We'll just say that UWF is a place where the buildings have numbers and the students have names.  It's a U-dub thing.


No, we’re not sad… this is what locals call the Blue Angels flight demonstration team.  Our hometown heroes perform for audiences across the country to promote naval aviation, and their home base is right here in Pensacola.  They hold shows in Pensacola in July and November, and if you’re downtown on Wednesdays you might see them practicing!

Campus Activity Board

The Campus Activity Board creates programming for students, by students - also known as Cabbies!  From the selection of artists and the design of performance competitions to the decorations for movie nights, CAB provides unique involvement opportunities to create the unforgettable moments of your Argo experience.

Cannon Greens "Annin's Cannon"

We call the lawn between the University Commons and the John C. Pace Library the "Cannon Greens" at its northeast end.  UWF student Robert Annin retrieved the cannon, now called Annin's Cannon, from the Pensacola Pass.  It is an 18th-century British 32-pound garrison gun, thought to have been part of a battery that guarded the entrance to Pensacola Bay.  It is said that students who rub it or put a penny in it will have good luck… what will you wish for?

Central Time Zone

Well, we figure you already knew there was such a thing, but in case you didn't know, we're in it.


Colonial Archaeological Trail

The Colonial Archaeological Trail presents evidence of the forts and buildings that existed in Pensacola between 1752 and 1821.  Outdoor exhibits include kitchen sites, buildings, trash pits, and wells.  You can explore Pensacola's archaeological story on the self-guided trail throughout Historic Pensacola.  Its newest attraction, the Commanding Officer’s Compound, opened in the fall of 2016.  Learn more about the UWF Historic Trust.


Cross of the Officer

Spain's highest civil honor given on behalf of the King, representing induction into the Order of Isabella the Catholic.  UWF President Dr. Judith A. Bense received this honor in May 2010 in recognition of her work as a colonial Spanish scholar, including archaeological work in Florida.  Read more in our News Room.


Exam Jam

Hosted by the CAB and held before finals week, this event offers free food, activities and the chance to relax.  Learn more about our other campus activities.


Gallery Night

Enjoyed by the whole city every third Saturday of each month, Argos and locals alike can stroll through the charming brick walkways of Downtown Pensacola to experience an eclectic array of music, art, and cuisine.  Explore galleries and businesses featuring the works of dozens of local artists.  Soak up the sounds of local musicians and the aromas of local restaurants and food vendors as the energy of the evening carries you from venue to venue.  Check out more about Gallery Night.

Mainstage Theater

Found at the Center for Fine and Performing Arts, this performance hall features presentations by our theater & drama students.  Check out our upcoming performances.

Make a Splash

Make A Splash symbolizes the impact Argonauts are making as undergraduates, proving to the world that we are change makers.  Check out some of our awesome Argos.


Pensacola's famed Irish restaurant.  It features millions of dollars stuck to the ceiling.  And, locals report it’s also THE place to get Senate Bean Soup for just 18 cents.  Plus, McGuire's has a running club that meets each week and sponsors many local running events in the community.  Learn more about McGuire's.

Most Popular Majors

Based on total number of majors and/or graduates, UWF's most popular majors include psychology, communication arts, biology (especially marine biology), computer science, teacher education, and pretty much anything from the College of Business.  Learn more about all our majors.


A UWF student’s online information portal.  It's also where prospective students can check on the status of their application for admission.

Nautilus Market

The student cafeteria located in the University Commons, which is what we call our student union.  In addition to the "all you care to eat" market, we have over 10 places to eat across campus.  You won't go hungry.  Learn more about where to eat.

NAS (Naval Air Station) Pensacola

The Pensacola Naval Air Station is the U.S. Navy base on the Gulf Coast.  It features the National Naval Aviation Museum (free admission!), Fort Barrancas, and the Pensacola Lighthouse.  Perfect for a day trip any time of year!

Research, Research, RESEARCH

College is your time to shine!  Stand out from the rest by enhancing your resume with a high-impact learning opportunity on campus or in the community.  Learn more about undergraduate research.


Seville Quarter

Nightlife and entertainment center for Pensacola college students.  Look for college night specials on Thursdays.  Yes, the legal drinking age is still 21.



A new learning and technology center in the campus library.  Quieter computer labs, specialized software, even 3D printers.  It's a must-see.  Really, check it out!



When you dive headfirst into your UWF experience, we call it making a splash.  From sending in your application to enrolling in your first classes, to exploring campus at orientation, and walking across campus for your first day, every step you take toward becoming an Argo makes a bigger splash!


Sports (Collegiate) on Campus

UWF competes in the NCAA Division II and Gulf South Conference, in these sports:  baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, soccer, and tennis (men); basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, swimming & diving, tennis, and volleyball (women).  Learn more about University collegiate athletics.

Sport (Recreation) Clubs

Sports clubs at UWF include everything from SCUBA and wakeboard / waterski to the BBQ club.  Clubs are given the opportunity to shape their own unique atmosphere.  Membership for any sport club is open to all current UWF students.  Learn more about sport clubs and intramural sports.

20150317_Marine-Archaeology-Luna Fleet_042


The Art Gallery in the Center for Fine and Performing Arts, it features a rotating gallery of student art exhibitions, and also accepts proposals from other contemporary artists.

Tristan de Luna Fleet

Discovered by UWF students in 1992 and 2006 and later explored by Professors John Bratten and Gregory Cook, these shipwrecks in Pensacola Bay endure as the remains of the colonization ships of the Tristan de Luna fleet that sank during a hurricane in 1559.  In 2015, additional artifacts were discovered on land which confirmed the Luna settlement as the earliest multi-year European colonial settlement ever archaeologically identified in the United States.


If you want to be formal, we're the University of West Florida.  But you're our friends, so just call us U-Dub.  We're cool like that.


WUWF Public Media is our on-campus radio and TV station; they also feature news online.  The station is located on campus in Building 88, across from the Visitors’ Center and by the UWF Community Garden.  Bark, bark, whoof, whoof!  Learn more about WUWF.

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