The Catalyst and The Village Programs

The Catalyst: Europe's Most Moving Classroom

The Catalyst Program is Europe's Most Moving Classroom each summer, as our students and professors travel through Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Normandy and London in an unparalleled academic journey. The Catalyst awards 6 academic credits through the Honors Program of the University of West Florida and is developed and managed by Globalizedu.LLC.

The Village: Your European Journey Never Ends

The Village Program is an Honors study abroad experience open to all students at the sophomore level and above. Students will study history where history was made, starting in the Loire Valley of France in the small village of Pontelevoy. The Village Program takes its name from a beautifully restored medieval Abbey which serves as home for students participating in The Village Program.

Site-based learning opportunities allow students to explore not only the vineyards and chateaus of the Loire Valley, but important cities and locales across the continent that are central to European history and culture. The Village Program's students spend a week together in Paris, and travel as well to the beaches at Normandy where American soldiers landed in Word War II.  Depending on their particular course of study, students may also travel to Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, London, Dublin, Galway, Venice, Florence, and Rome.

The curriculum offered at The Village Program is fully compatible with and satisfies many requirements of the UWF Kugelman Honors Program curriculum. The Honors-based learning environment is active, engaging, learner-centered and challenging, and courses are available in World and European History, Art, English, Literature, Psychology and French. Learn more about The Village Program or feel free to contact UWF's Program Manager.