Pensacola Pledge Scholars Program

Thanks to the generosity of Quinton ("Quint") Dean Studer and Mary Patricia Perdue Studer ("Rishy"), students from Escambia & Santa Rosa counties in Florida will have more opportunity to pursue higher education with the help of the Pensacola Pledge Scholarship Program.

Pensacola Pledge Scholarship

Priority consideration for the Pensacola Pledge Scholarship will be given to students who have been admitted for the fall semester by April 1 and who have submitted a completed Pensacola Pledge Scholarship Application by April 1.  The scholarship is valued at up to $24,000 over a four year period (up to $6,000 per year) and is renewable each year as long as eligibility requirements are met.  Incoming freshmen who meet the below qualifications will be considered for a Pensacola Pledge Scholarship.

  • A First Time in College student (Freshman - FTIC)
  • Attend and graduate from a high school or home school program in Escambia or Santa Rosa counties in Florida
  • Offered admission to UWF by April 1
  • Submitted a completed Pensacola Pledge Scholarship Application by April 1

A completed application includes:  a Pensacola Pledge Scholars application, two letters of recommendation, and a 500-word essay on "what being a citizen of Northwest Florida means to me."

About the Pensacola Pledge Scholarship Program

The University of West Florida (UWF) is honored to have Quinton ("Quint") Dean Studer and Mary Patricia Perdue Studer ("Rishy") as the sponsors of the Pensacola Pledge scholarship program.  Thanks to their generosity, students from Escambia & Santa Rosa counties in Florida will have more opportunity to pursue higher education and more incentive to achieve while in high school.

In addition to financial support, scholars will be acknowledged at city events, community events such as Pensacola Blue Wahoo's Baseball games, UWF and Pensacola State College events and graduation.  They will also have the opportunity to serve as representatives of their institution and mentors to future City of Pensacola graduates at recruitment events, open houses and transition programs.

Renewal Criteria

In order to maintain eligibility, scholars must meet the following renewal criteria:

  • Maintain full time status (12 hours) at UWF or Pensacola State College
  • Maintain a combined college 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Complete a minimum of 25 hours of community service per academic year in the Escambia County School District Mentoring Program

The Pensacola Pledge Scholars program is available to accepted students for up to eight undergraduate semesters (four years) and is transferable from Pensacola State College to UWF.

The Studer Family

Raised in working class families, Quint and Rishy Studer have both made community-based philanthropy, job creation and educational attainment the focus of their giving and investing.  By their corporate work to improve healthcare for patients in Pensacola and around the world; their investment in Pensacola's downtown historic district, waterfront, and the Double-A Pensacola Blue Wahoos minor league baseball team; and their philanthropic work to publicly and privately assist families in need, the Studers are an integral part of Pensacola's growth and development.  Through gifts like the Pensacola Pledge, the Studers are helping to improve the lives of others by creating opportunities for students to find their passion, serve their community and pursue higher education.  He has written five books, including Hardwiring Excellence, the most read book on healthcare leadership ever published.  Quint is also a respected healthcare industry thought leader and sought-after speaker.

Rishy Studer also worked at the Studer Group and only recently left the firm to spend more time on her passion of community redevelopment in the Pensacola area.  Rishy has been a driving force in the revitalization of historic Pensacola's urban areas.  These projects range from the redevelopment and success of the Five Sisters Cafe - now a cornerstone of the historic Belmont-DeVilliers neighborhood, to the improvement and revitalization of a 35,000 square foot office building in the heart of downtown Pensacola.  Rishy's newest project is rebuilding a turn-of-the-century property for use as a boutique olive oil and pasta store, as well as leading the Pensacola Business Challenge - a combination business incubator and mentorship incentive contest to help new entrepreneurs start a business.

Together, Quint and Rishy led the effort to reclaim 30 acres of environmentally damaged land on beautiful Pensacola Bay in downtown Pensacola.  In partnership with the City of Pensacola, this waterfront park will be a signature project for the community, providing an outdoor amphitheater, public access to the water, mixed-use development and a multipurpose sports stadium.  In addition to the brick-and-mortar contributions of the Studers to this park, Quint and Rishy also purchased and moved a Cincinnati Reds Double-A baseball team, the Pensacola Blue Wahoos, to play in the stadium, creating dozens of jobs and providing an outstanding community attraction for the Pensacola area.  The Studers' proudest accomplishment, and the blessing for which they are most grateful, is their family of five children and six grandchildren.