Transferring Credit Hours

Over 1.5 million credit hours have transferred to UWF.

UWF accepts college credits earned at institutions that are regionally accredited.  We also encourage students to follow the course guidelines outlined in our General Education Curriculum.  Please feel free to contact your Transfer Admissions Counselor if you have questions.

Please review the Transfer Course Checker to see how your credits will transfer to UWF.

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Completing an A.A. Degree at a Florida Public Institution?

Students who complete an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree within the state of Florida from a Florida public college will have already met the University's General Education requirements for graduation.

Completion of an A.S. / A.A.S. degree from (even from within the state of Florida) is different from completing the Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree at the same institution.  Often, A.S. / A.A.S. curricula is targeted to technical career-focused outcomes.  These degrees often do not include the academic core curriculum that is found in the A.A. degree program, and technical coursework is not able to be transferred.