Awarded Credit By Exam

Students may receive credit for courses at UWF through standardized assessment exams such as AP, AICE, IB, CLEP DANTES, and Excelsior. Students should request all accelerated credit transcripts be sent to UWF Admissions for consideration of awarded credit.

Accepted Awarded Credit Exams & Course Equivalencies

After a student is admitted they are able to be considered for credit to be awarded from approved credit exams.  Students should have all exam credit transcripts sent to UWF Admissions prior to enrolling.  Advisors need all credit to be awarded in order to accurately assist in class registration.  Below are the approved accelerated credit exams and the courses/credits they equal at the University of West Florida.

Up to 60 total Credit-by-Exam credits may be awarded and only 30 per type of awarded credit.

Credit-by-Exam Equivalences (PDF)

Articulation Agreement

Section 1007.27(2), Florida Statutes requires the Articulation Coordinating Committee (ACC) to establish passing scores and course and credit equivalents for AP, AICE, IB, and CLEP exams.  The DANTES and Excelsior College exam equivalents on the list are not part of that requirement, but are authorized by Florida State Board of Education Rule Rule 6A-10.024.