Apply for Reinstatement

Applicable to students requesting reinstatement from academic suspension.

A suspended student may request reinstatement according to the conditions identified in the student's most recent suspension decision.  Learn more at the "Reinstatement request from academic suspension" confluence page.

The reinstatement process requires:

  • the student to complete a "Request for Reinstatement" form
  • a meeting between the student and the advisor, and
  • a meeting between the student and the student's department chairperson.

Steps to Apply for Reinstatement

Step 1: Apply for Reinstatement in the "Request for Reinstatement" App

Step 2: After applying for reinstatement be sure to check your phone and e-mail periodically, as your advisor, department chairperson, a representative from your college, and a representative from the Office of the Registrar may contact you to schedule meetings, a hearing, or request additional information.

Step 3: If applicable, apply for AA Forgiveness (.pdf). A.A. Degree Forgiveness is an option for students who previously attended the University of West Florida who have earned an Associate of Arts degree at another Florida Public Institution. Students must transfer directly from the A.A. degree granting institution to UWF. 

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