Homeschool Students

Homeschool families often have unique questions and concerns when it comes to searching for colleges and applying for admission. We can help!

A student with more than 12 college credit hours earned after high school graduation is considered a transfer student. Although most homeschool students have completed college coursework, the type of student when applying is determined on the number of college credits earned AFTER the high school graduation date, therefore, apply as a Freshman.

Steps to Apply

  1. Review Admission requirements.
  2. Complete and submit a Freshman application.
  3. Submit the $30 application fee or fee waiver.
  4. Submit a Homeschool Transcript(.pdf powerpoint examples) to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
  5. Submit all official SAT reasoning and/or ACT plus writing exams.

After Offered Admission

Make sure you submit official proof of high school graduation. This is usually a letter from county school board/state board of education stating the student met state graduation requirements to receive high school diploma. If homeschooling is completed through FloridaShines Distance Learning, obtain documentation from Florida Virtual Campus Distance Learning officials.

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