Completed Application - Now What?

Staying up to date on the status of your application is important! Check your application status regularly.

Initial Review / Application Evaluation

Once all required documents are received, a student's application is able to move forward for an initial review. During this review an Admissions Representative verifies all expected documententation has been received.

If it is identified that any items are missing, the student's application is marked incomplete & the missing items are added to the student's checklist and the student is notified on what new items are outstanding. Until the missing items are received, the application cannot be evaluated for an admission decision.

Our admissions decisions are pooled and decisions are released on set Decision Days. Students must have completed their application by the deadline to receive a decision on the set Decision Day. 

Admissions Decision Timeline 
Deadline  Decision Day
 November 1  November 10 
 December 1  December 10
 January 1  January 10
 February 1  February 10 
 March 1  March 10
 April 1   April 10
 May 1   May 10 
 June 1   June 10 

 Students should check the status of their admissions application online via and maintain contact with their Admissions Counselor.

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