Future Argonaut Referral Program

Together we can go FAR…

Do you know a student who would be a good match for the University of West Florida? If so, please participate in our Future Argonaut Referral Program (FAR). We know that referrals are a great source of qualified prospective students who have not applied to UWF. Because of your unique understanding of the type of student that would thrive at UWF, we invite you to send some students our way.

Are you a student who has been referred to UWF? Submit your Future Argonaut form and leave the rest to us.

If you know someone who might be interested in UWF and has not already applied, start by submitting a Future Argonaut Referral form. Your referral will receive an information packet, an application fee waiver, and a call from an admissions counselor.

FAQs About the FAR:

What information do you need to properly refer a future Argo?

Please make sure to include your Future Argonaut’s email address and expected High School Graduation to insure proper communication.

Who should I refer to UWF?

You should refer high school students who are considering post-secondary education and have not yet applied to UWF, for whom we may be a good "fit.”

What happens when the Office of Undergraduate Admissions receives my referral?

We enter the student's name, address and high school graduation year into our database. The student will receive admission materials appropriate for his or her high school graduation year and an application fee waiver.  Please remember, fee waivers can only be used for students who have not submitted an application fee. Within a few days the student will also receive a follow-up phone call from their admissions counselor. We also enter your information so that we have a way to follow up and thank you for taking the time to refer the student.

Does the student have to apply for admission to UWF?

We hope that the student will want to apply for admission to UWF after learning about our programs and campus life; however, they are not required to apply for admission after being referred.

Does the student have to be a member of my family?

We hope that you would refer students in your family, but you are not limited to family members. Send us the names of family friends, neighbors, etc. If you believe the student to be a good fit for UWF, we would love to hear from you.

Does the student have to be interested in UWF?

No. The student may not even be familiar with UWF. However, by sending us the student's name, you are giving the Office of Undergraduate Admissions the opportunity to introduce UWF to the student.

Does the student have to be a senior in high school?

No. In fact, we know students are beginning the college search process earlier in their high school career. You can send in the names of students who are in the first year of high school all the way through the fall semester of their senior year of high school. 

What form of payment to select after applying?

When you (student) complete your application, please choose “Waiver” in the payment drop down box. 

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