Parking, ID Card, Bookstore

Photo of trolley parked in front of University Commons.


UWF permits are required to park a vehicle on campus. Permit enforcement begins the first day of class of each term. Please have a current valid permit properly displayed on your vehicle. Parking Permits may be purchased online and either mailed to the student or picked up at Parking Services in Bldg. 91.

This is a picture of the updated Nautilus Card, in effect May 1, 2019. Half of the card has a blue strip, then a white strip, then a green strip. Nautilus images are faded against the background. The student's photo sits to the left of the card, her student number sits next to it and her name below it.

The Nautilus Card

The Nautilus Card is the official UWF identification card. It is also a library card, copy card, access card, declining balance card and meal plan card.  If you are a student of the University of West Florida, you may obtain a card. All students attending class on the Pensacola campus are required to obtain a card.

  • There is a $10 annual I.D. fee. The fee is charged the first semester on campus and recurs annually thereafter each fall semester. There is a replacement charge of $15.00 if the original card is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Payment should be made at the Cashier's Office. Students are required to bring their receipt showing payment of the fee and a photo I.D. to the Nautilus Card office. The card will be issued and ready for use immediately.

UWF Bookstore

The UWF Bookstore stock​s​ the largest selection of textbooks, course materials, and Argonaut emblematic gear in Pensacola. ​Their primary purpose is making sure students have the required and/or recommended texts and course materials as specified by their professor. Books can be purchased new, used. or rented for the semester.