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NOTE: If your mouse has the scroll feature, please review your answers to questions containing drop-boxes before you submit your application. The scrolling function of the mouse can sometimes change your responses if the cursor is not set to a new location.
1.  Have you previously attended this university? Yes No

2.  U.S. Social Security number: - -
If you have previously attended UWF and been assigned a UWF ID, do not enter it here. Your U.S. Social Security number is required.

The social security number is not a permanent student identifier and will not be required for student identification purposes. Students will receive a permanent UWF ID number which serves as their permanent student identifier. UWF uses social security numbers to assist in matching test scores and transcripts of applicants. State and federal reporting require social security numbers. UWF will not disclose the social security number of any student to anyone except as required by law, permitted by the student or approved by the President or designee.

3.  Last Name:
     Jr, III, etc:
     First Name:
     Middle Name:

4.  E-Mail Address:

5.  For which semester do you seek enrollment and what year? This application will only be valid through Summer 2014

6.  Nation of Citizenship:

7.  If citizenship is not U.S., complete the following:
     City and Country of Birth:
     What VISA do you presently hold? J1    J2    Other
     I-94 Expiration Date(mm/yy):
     For what VISA are you applying? J1    J2    Other
     If a permanent immigrant, enter the alien registration number on your I-551 form:
          you must provide a front/back photocopy of your Resident Alien card.

8.  Gender: Female Male

9.  Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY; i.e., 06/27/1958):

10.   Enter your permanent address. All correspondence will be mailed to this address.
Number and Street Address:
Zip Code:
Home Telephone Number: (
Day-Time Telephone Number: (
FAX Number: (

11.  Race/National origin:
(Each SUS institution is a recipient of federal dollars and is required by the federal government to solicit certain demographic information to meet federal reporting requirements. Applicants are requested to provide this information voluntarily. This information will not be utilized in a discriminatory manner.)

12.  In case of an emergency, indicate the person you request the university to contact:
First Name:
Last Name:
Number and Street Address:
Zip Code:
Telephone Number: (

13.  What is your area of study?

When all items are correct and complete, press the "Submit" button below to submit this data and continue to the next page. To reset the form, press the "Reset" button.


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