Parent & Family Orientation

Is your student ready to begin their splash at orientation? We recognize the vital role you play in aiding them down the path of success, so we have created separate orientation programming geared toward parents and family members. At orientation you will learn about resources and involvement opportunities both for you and your student, while interacting with other family members.


We encourage parents and family members to make a splash, too! If you plan to attend orientation, you must register as part your student's orientation registration through their MyUWF. There is a section to add parents and family members. 

All costs associated with orientation are non-refundable. As part of your student's orientation registration you will be required to pay all associated student and guest fees. You and your student's spot will be reserved open registration and payment completion. Orientation fees vary based off session type. All fees cover operation costs, program materials, meals, and your student's UWF Nautilus Student ID Card.

To register for orientation, your student must go to their MyUWF, search and click "Orientation Registration for Undergraduate Student", select their entry semester (e.g., Fall 2019), and complete their registration, including adding parents or family members.

We currently do not offer a sibling orientation program. Any siblings or guests under the age of 13 are not required to be registered for orientation. However, all meal costs will be the responsibility of the parent.


2019 Spring Orientation Parent/Family Member Fee Breakdown

Orientation Fee: $20.00
Nautilus Card: Not Applicable
Housing: Not Provided
Food: $18.60
Sales Tax: $1.40

Total Cost: $40.00

The Spring Orientation is a one-day session, so fees are different from the Summer and Fall Orientation sessions.

2019 Summer & Fall Orientation Parent/Family Member Fee Breakdown

Orientation Fee: $25.00
Nautilus Card: Not Applicable
Housing: Not Provided
Food: $46.51
Sales Tax: $3.49

Total Cost: $75.00

The Summer and Fall Orientation sessions held June-August are two full days.