2018 Sessions & Dates

Orientation registration for 2019 COMING SOON!

Already Signed-Up? Please note: If you have confirmed and registered for orientation, changing your anticipated entry semester may impact your orientation session and/or costs. Please, contact orientation@uwf.edu or call (850) 473-7229 to learn more.

Starting & WhoDate
Spring: International January 4th
Spring: Freshmen January 5th
Summer/Fall: Freshmen - Argo Elite May 31st-June 1st
Summer/Fall: Freshmen June 7th-8th
Summer/Fall: Grit (Summer Bridge) June 12th-13th
Summer/Fall: Freshmen June 21st-22nd
Fall: Freshmen July 12th-13th
Fall: Freshmen July 19th-20th
Summer/Fall: International August 20th-21st
Fall: Freshmen August 22nd-23rd*


*This session is currently reserved for out-of-state students and students living more than 300 miles away from campus. By this session all students will have been able to move into their on- or off-campus housing arrangements. However, these students can also select from other sessions. If you are interested in this session, please contact us at (850) 473-7229 or orientation@uwf.edu to request to be added to this session.

Non-Traditional Freshmen Students - If you are an incoming freshman student who is over the age of 21, married, active military, or a veteran and prefer not to attend a traditional two-day orientation session, please contact our office at (850) 473-7229 or orientation@uwf.edu to discuss alternative orientation accommodations.