Meet Our Orientation Leaders

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is thrilled to provide you with an excellent orientation experience. Contact us at, by phone at (850) 473-7229, or stop in at Building 18. To learn more about our team, click on each picture to view a personal bio.

  • Ethan Henley

    Ethan Henley

    Assistant Director of Orientation and Visit Experience

    (850) 474-2063


  • Mandy Hoefer

    Mandy Hoefer

    Coordinator of Orientation and Visit Experience

    (850) 474-2374


  • Chanice Alexander

    Chanice Alexander

    Graduate Assistant

  • Angelina Donohue

    Angelina Donohue

    NODA Intern

  • Macy Rhein

    Macy Rhein

    Orientation Student Coordinator

  • Eric Martin

    Eric Martin

    Returning Splash Guard

  • Camisha McAnuff

    Camisha McAnuff

    Returning Splash Guard

  • Jasmine Richburg

    Jasmine Richburg

    Returning Splash Guard

  • Michael Broadaway

    Michael Broadaway

    Splash Guard

  • Jose Antonio Centeno

    Jose Antonio Centeno

    Splash Guard

  • Savannah Daw

    Savannah Daw

    Splash Guard

  • Linorche DeLouis

    Linorche DeLouis

    Splash Guard

  • D'Mario Edgecomb

    D'Mario Edgecomb

    Splash Guard

  • Casey Farley

    Casey Farley

    Splash Guard

  • Racine Frank

    Racine Frank

    Splash Guard

  • Marissa Kelly

    Marissa Kelly

    Splash Guard

  • Zackary Newman

    Zackary Newman

    Splash Guard

  • Nancy Patton

    Nancy Patton

    Splash Guard

  • Kelly Regan

    Kelly Regan

    Splash Guard

  • Zach Rhodes

    Zach Rhodes

    Splash Guard

  • Nick Robinson

    Nick Robinson

    Splash Guard

  • Mackenzie Simmons

    Mackenzie Simmons

    Splash Guard


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