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The Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society is open to all who are interested in supporting and promoting sciences.  You don't have to be a chemistry major to join. 

"Becoming a member of the American Chemical Society means becoming a part of the world's largest scientific society, an organization that's nearly 159,000 members strong. The American Chemical Society provides a multitude of information, educational, financial, technical and professional opportunities for its members. The Society's 34 technical divisions cover the entire spectrum of the chemical world and the 188 Local Sections allows you to participate in local events and meetings throughout the year."

-American Chemical Society Website

The Student Affiliates program supports undergraduate students, their faculty, and local section members in promoting professional development, mentoring, and peer-support mechanisms for those majoring in the chemical sciences.

Giving students the professional edge, Student affiliation allows students to network with top professionals, attend scientific meetings, and directly access research. Affiliates also enjoy substantial discounts on American Chemical Society journals, Chemical & Engineering News, four issues of the undergraduate career magazine in Chemistry, career and employment services, and the Directory of Experience Opportunities that lists co-ops, internships, and summer jobs for undergraduate chemical science students.

The Student Affiliate group here at The University of West Florida don't have yearly dues but we do ask that you join the American Chemical Society as a Student Affiliate.  Click on the link to find out more.

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