Policies and FAQ

The policies below direct the administration of all non-UWF exams. Review the information below and the exam specific website for more detailed information regarding the exam.


Each vendor has specific exam guidelines and policies directing the administration process and procedures of their specific exam. Review the exam specific website and any materials provided to you by the vendor or Testing Services for more information. UWF student policies will be applicable to the general testing environment unless otherwise specified by the vendor.


All visitors on campus are required to have a parking pass displayed in their vehicle. A parking pass can be obtained at the Visitor's Center or when checking in at Testing Services. Explore Parking Services for more information on parking availability for visitors.


Appointments are required for every exam type. The registration process will differ based on the type of exam. Review the Exam Type section of this site to view information regarding your exam type and the registration process.


Q: Can my family member wait in the waiting area while I test?
A: No, family members, including unaccompanied minors, or friends are not permitted to wait in the Testing Services waiting area while a candidate is testing. There are locations on campus such as the University Commons and the John C. Pace Library that are open to the public.