Testing Policies and FAQ for UWF Faculty

Exam Return Policies

Testing Services offers three options for the return of completed UWF accommodated or proctored exams to faculty:

  1. Scan and email to the Instructor - the exam and all supplemental materials will be scanned and emailed to the instructor’s UWF email before the close of business on the testing date.
  2. Delivery to the Instructor - the hard copy of the exam and all supplemental materials will be delivered to the instructor or specified designee on the Pensacola campus within one business day of the testing date between 8am-5pm. Please provide a specific delivery location/designee in the testing request. All exams are delivered in tamper-evident bags and must be signed for by a UWF professional staff member. If there is no one to receive the exam when delivery occurs, an email will be sent to the instructor and the exam will be available for pick-up at Testing Services during normal hours of operation. Due to staffing resources, we cannot attempt delivery more than one time or accommodate a specific delivery time. If you need the exam at a certain time, please select one of the other delivery options.
  3. Instructor Pick-up at Testing Services (Building 21/Room 120) - the exam and all supplemental materials will be available for pick up in Testing Services immediately upon completion of the exam or anytime after during Testing Services normal hours of operation. The instructor may send an authorized representative to collect the exam if communicated in advance with Testing Services staff (or the exam will not be released).

Note: If a delivery method is not selected, the default delivery method will be to scan and email the exam to the instructor’s UWF email account.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I received a test notification from Student Accessibility Resources. What do I do next?
A: Your exam and proctoring instructions can be uploaded in the SAR Faculty- Accommodate Portal. Please view our Guide for step by step instructions.

Q: Do UWF students have to pay to take a UWF course exam at Testing Services?
A: No. Students are not required to pay a proctoring fee for UWF course exams. Students will continue to pay the applicable fees for vendor-based testing (CLEP, GRE, etc.) or proctoring for non-UWF courses/exams. 

Q: How does a student schedule an appointment at Testing Services?
A: Students can call or visit the office to schedule an appointment.

Q: Can students take computer-based tests at Testing Services?
A: Yes, we currently have 12 computer-based testing stations available for student use. All of our computer stations have the Respondus Lockdown browser (without webcam) loaded and available. 

Q: What information does Testing Services need from me, the instructor?
A: We require any information regarding proctoring the exam. Please include the time allotted for the exam, any materials allowed (calculator, notes, textbook, etc. - please be VERY specific), password to access exam, your contact information if we need to reach you during the exam, and how you would like the completed exam returned to you. Please be as specific as possible when communicating the allowed resources for the exam. If the instructions do not specifically state that a material is allowed, the student will not be allowed to bring it into the testing room.

Q: How can I get my exam to Testing Services and how is it kept secure?
A: Exams can be emailed or delivered to Testing Services. Emailed exams should be sent to testing@uwf.edu Exams are kept in a secure, locked area when being stored and are only accessible to Testing Services staff. The exam is collected from the student immediately after completing the exam and secured until delivery. Any scratch paper or other materials are collected and handled as instructed in the proctoring directions.

Q: What if a student has a question during the exam?
A: We request that an instructor provide Testing Services with a phone number that can be reached while the student is testing. We understand that answering a phone call may not be possible at all times, so in these cases we ask that the instructor provides a contact person, such as an Office Administrator, to relay any messages between Testing Center staff and the instructor. We will also attempt to email the student’s question to your UWF email account for a speedy (and quiet) response.

Q: How are students monitored during testing?
A: Students are constantly monitored via video recording, physical walk-through, and observation windows during the exam. In addition, proctors are trained to detect acts of academic dishonesty. If an act of academic dishonesty is detected, we will immediately stop the student’s exam, collect any evidence and report our findings to the instructor. Video recordings of the incident are saved and can be reviewed at a later time.

Q: I have a student with a special circumstance. Can you help?
A: Contact our Accommodated and Internal Testing Coordinator, Rachael Gorman, at 473-7340 to discuss the situation. We may be able to help.