Frequently Asked Questions

You have the questions, we have the answers.

How can I get involved in undergraduate research?

There are many opportunities to be involved in undergraduate research at UWF. Check out the "How to Get Involved" tab for more information. 

What are the requirements of students who receive and OUR Project Award?

In additional to completing a research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor, OUR Project Award recipients are also required to do the following: 

  • Support the Mission, Vision, and Values and Goals of the University of West Florida 
  • Participate in the Student Scholars Symposium at the end of the spring semester 
  • Submit a project update at the end of the fall semester (if receiving funding in the fall 
  • Submit a final project report at the end of the spring semester, including 
    • a budget detailing how OUR award funds were used 
    • a brief (1-2 page) description of the research that was conducted, including overall findings, significance of work, and next steps 
    • 1-2 sentences on the impact of the research experience on the student's professional development, educational and career goals or interests, and anticipated impact on success of meeting theses career or educational goals 
  • Complete a program evaluation survey at the end of the spring semester 
  • Act as ambassadors to the OUR program and speak to at least one approved campus event about their research experience at UWF. Campus events include classes (especially introductory level courses), campus tour groups, or other campus events. 
Can first year students participate in undergraduate research?

Yes! There are plenty of opportunities to participate in research, especially through the OUR Explorers program. OUR also hosts information sessions on "Getting Started in Undergraduate Research" several times each semester. any student with any level of research experience is welcome to attend. Volunteering time to help clean a lab or researching articles can be great ways to learn the basics of research and make valuable connections with possible research mentors. 

I am a faculty member. How can I find students to assist with my research?

If you are interested in OUR recruiting students for your research, please complete the form: Faculty Mentor Interest Form 

Wait. Isn't research only a "science thing?"

Absolutely not! Research is important and vital across all academic areas including communications, tourism, and business to name a few. Research doesn't always have to take place in a laboratory with beakers or burners. 

Are there opportunities for grants or other funding support?

Yes! OUR offers grants for both projects and travel! Students may apply for up to $650 for individual projects and $1,000 for group projects to purchase research supplies through the OUR Project Award Program. Students presenting at conferences, professional events, or competitions may request up to $1,000 per trip per student through the OUR Travel Award Program. More information can be found in the Funding section of the OUR website. 

Can I get academic credit for my research?

Absolutely! Students can enroll for research credit hours. Talk to your faculty mentor or department's academic adviser to get more information and find out what the course name and number is for your department. 

Where is OUR? How should I contact OUR? How to get involved?

The Office of Undergraduate Research is located in building 4, room 408. Please e-mail or call 850.474.2298. 

What research opportunities are available during the summer?
  1. The College of Science and Engineering offers student stipends for students in this department working on summer research projects through their Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP). OUR supports this program by providing professional development workshops for SURP students. Applications for this program are typically available early in the spring semester- talk with your faculty mentor if you are interested in applying. 
  2. There are many off campus research opportunities available throughout the country. OUR is happy to offer assistance searching for opportunities tailored to your discipline, financial, or geographical interests/needs. Be sure to check out the Nearby Conferences page for a current listing of nearby opportunities. Please contact OUR at or 850.474.2298 to schedule an appointment with our staff.