About OUR

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) facilitates and supports undergraduate student engagement in research and scholarly activities. This activity involves faculty and student collaboration in original research that should result in some tangible product (i.e. publication, presentation, performance, or exhibition), but its most valuable contribution is the development of our students in ways not possible in traditional classroom settings.

OUR Student Spotlight

Student: Anna Downing 
Faculty Mentor: Nick Croghan
Major: Art History

OUR Student Spotlight Anna Downing Art
Anna Downing, Art History senior

Art History senior, Anna Downing, was awarded an Office of Undergraduate Research Student Project Award in Fall 2014 to support her research project on art conservation techniques.  Anna photographs oil and acrylic paintings (painted by UWF student Kenny Jordan) while using infrared lens filters; this technique allows sketches hidden beneath the paint to be seen without damaging the painting.  She is trying to determine how many layers of paint she can see through and what factors (such as paint type or pigment) contribute.  Such hidden sketches are used by art historians to learn more about an artist’s thought process throughout painting.  The method is also used by law enforcement in testing for forgeries, which often use old canvases painted over. Anna will graduate from UWF in May with a degree in Art History. She plans to take some time to travel overseas and teach English and would eventually like to go to graduate school for cultural heritage management and protection. 

New this year

OUR Scholars Program

Students submitting a proposal for a student research award will have the option to be considered for participation in the OUR Scholars Program. OUR Scholars will commit to participating in professional development workshops throughout the fall and spring semesters.

If selected to participate as an OUR Scholar, the student will be eligible to request an additional $100 for support toward his/her research project.