UWF Annual Planning and Reporting

UWF engages in an ongoing institution-wide planning and reporting process. Annually we review our mission, goals, and outcomes, develop methods for continuous improvement, and demonstrate that the institution is accomplishing its mission. (Institutional Effectiveness AC-31.03-06/17)

Planning units (i.e., academic and administrative departments) maintain considerable autonomy in determining which objectives to set and report in any given cycle. By monitoring progress on objectives each year, planning units ensure success in achieving their annual plans. Annual reports may be used as the building blocks for self-study reports, program reviews, and documentation for other accreditation and compliance requirements.

UWF Annual Reporting 2018 - 2019

Annual Reporting 2018-2019

Community Engagement Activities Reporting 2018-2019

Distinctive and Notable Accomplishments 2018-2019

To complete your unit's Annual Report for 2018-2019, please:
1. Click on the Annual Reporting link above.
2. Select your college or division in the left-hand navigation (i.e. CEPS, University Advancement, etc.)
3. Select your unit from the list (i.e. Continuing Education, Controller's Office, etc.)
4. Open the Google doc for your unit.
5. Complete the Report the Outcomes section as appropriate.
For questions with Annual Reporting contact:
Angela Bryan abryan@uwf.edu 850.473.7234
Cynthia Catellier ccatellier@uwf.edu 850.474.2239
Darby Lamb dlamb@uwf.edu 850.474.2894

UWF Annual Planning and Reporting 2019-2020 and Later

Guidance on Completion and Submission of Annual Plans and Reports

Annual Planning and Reporting for Academic Units PowerPoint

Annual Planning and Reporting for Non-Academic Units PowerPoint

Community Engagement Activities PowerPoint