File Storage: Department & Organization Drives

Departments and organizations can have their own space on a UWF server for saving files. This space works just like your personal H: and I: drives, but can be shared with multiple employees.

If you have a department/organization email account, then you also have storage space. If not, DISReps are authorized to request additional accounts on behalf of the areas they represent.

Authorized Access Required

  • To see if you have access, search in MyUWF ( for File Storage. If the account is listed in your "File storage" section, then you already have permission to open the file storage space.

  • To request permission, contact the Responsible Party for that account. If you need assistance identifying a Responsible Party (RP) for an ArgoNet account, contact the ITS Help Desk at (850) 474-2075 or

Opening My Department Drives

Method 1: Connect to a network drive

This method is advised for those who work on campus and use the same UWF computer every day. Mapping a network drive creates a permanent connection to your O:drive.

WIN - Adding a Network Location

MAC - Network Drive Mapping for Mac

Method 2: MyUWF - File Storage

Search for File Storage in MyUWF. Open it and click the account name link.

Method 3: File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

More advanced users can access their drives with Filezilla.