Expert Hotline

The mentoring hotline is here to help you answer questions you may have about teaching, research or service at UWF. Please review the categories listed to help identify an expert in that area.

Dr. Susan Walch

Our mentors are willing to answer questions via email. If you have a question that is not covered from the topics listed, please email Pam Vaughan at and we will connect you with someone who can help!

The Experts:

Dr. Susan Walch - School of Psychological and Behavioral Sciences
Area of mentoring: University Policies


Dr. Ron Belter- School of Psychological and Behavioral Sciences
Area of mentoringSabbatical application process

Hedi Salanki-Rubardt- Music
Area of mentoringTeaching

Dr. Jane Caffrey- Biology
Area of mentoringGrant funding

Dr. Hui-Min Chung- Biology
Area of mentoringApplying for campus awards, Grant application procedure and forms, How the sabbatical process works

Dr. Carla Thompson- Research and Advanced Studies
Area of mentoringQuantitative Research Methods and Statistics, IRB/Research Integrity