UWF Faculty ADVANCE Scholars

We are very proud of our UWF Faculty ADVANCE Scholars! Their names and departments are listed below.

Tenured and Tenure Track FacultySTEM Department   
Joanne Curtin Anthropology and Archaeology
Kristina Killgrove Anthropology and Archaeology
Meredith Marten Anthropology and Archaeology
Alexis Janosik Biology
Hui-Min Chung Biology
Toby Daly-Engel Biology
Karen Molek Chemistry
Pamela Vaughan Chemistry
Jane Caffrey Center for Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation
Sikha Bagui Computer Science
Eman El-Sheikh Computer Science
Sara Evans Criminology and Criminal Justice
Natalie Goulette Criminology and Criminal Justice
Kathrine Johnson Criminology and Criminal Justice
Jamie Snyder Criminology and Criminal Justice
Cheryl Swanson Criminology and Criminal Justice
Bhuvana Ramachandra Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jocelyn Evans  Government
Michelle Williams Government
Lakshmi Prayaga Instructional, Workforce and Applied Technology
Kimberly McCorkle Legal Studies, Public Admin, and Sports MGMT
Jia Liu Mathematics and Statistics
Florentina Tone Mathematics and Statistics
Lisa Blalock Psychology
Jane Halonen Psychology
Valerie Morganson Psychology
Vanessa Rainey Psychology
Sherry Schneider Psychology
Claudia Stanny Psychology
Susan Walch Psychology